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“Our goal for the last 10 years has been to provide the best merchandise selection from Pakistan on the net.

We know how frustrating shopping on the net can be with doubts creeping up from every angle. Shopping at www.ebhshop.com is easier, faster and reliable, since we have developed a collection in footwear, leather goods and accessories that is second to none.
Combine this with our experience of 62 years in this business, 10 of them on the net in addition to our expanding brick and mortar locations.
Full description of each item displayed with larger image viewing option.
Prices displayed in currency of your choice at a click of a button.
We have been able to customize international shipping rates exclusive to each region of the globe. This will be economical for our customers in Middle East due to their proximity from Pakistan.
There are no shipping costs to you for deliveries in Pakistan. Great offer for those of you who would like to send gifts to their relatives and friends in Pakistan from abroad.
Quickest and most economical shipping methods applied. Reliable local courier services for inland deliveries, DHL International for overseas shipments. Goods arrive at your doorsteps in good and worthy packing, ready to use.
We would love to hear, what you think of these efforts. And of course, if you have any suggestions to make shopping at www.ebhshop.com more convenient and you’d like to share this with us, please send those, too!
Just mail us at info@ebhshop.com